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RV Supplies

Here at RV Supply Center Inc. we stock a large selection of parts accessories and supplies. In addition we can get any part, or accessory you need within 24 to 72 hours.

Interstate & Trojan Batteries

We stock two different brands of batteries Interstate and Trojan. In Interstate batteries we stock starter,12volt, and 6volt batteries. We only stock 6volt batteries in the Trojan brand. If you need your battery or batteries installed no problem we can do it for you.

Chemicals & Cleaners

We stock most of the all the leading brands of holding tank chemicals. For the black tank this includes: PurePower, Aqua-Kem, Exodor Porta-Pak, Exodor Bio-Pak,Enviro-Chem and TST Ultra Concentrate. For your grey tank this includes: Elem-O-Nate, and TST Odor Control. In addition we have a specialized cleaner for plastic toilets, Aqua-Clean, and various waxes and washes for the exterior. If you have tissue build up or your sensors are dirty we stock Tissue Digester, and Sensor Power. We always have the best price on RV toilet tissue!

Electrical Supplies

We have a full line of electrical supplies. This includes: power adapters, fuses, battery disconnects, inverters and converters, plus much much more.


Did you break the catch on you cabinet door well your in the right place we stock many catches and latches,plus curtain carriers, and many more hardware items. We also stock a big supply of grab handles, window knobs, and baggage door latches.

Interior & Exterior Lights & Lenses

We have a wide selection of lights, lens and bulbs. For your exterior we stock tail lights, and clearance lights, and many clearance light lenses. For your interior we stock florescent, and optic lights, plus lenses for both. Also if you need light bulbs we stock many of those too.

LP Supplies

If you need LP parts we are the place to go. We stock hoses, regulators, and many more items. We also stock LP tanks.

Lubricants & Cleaners

We stalk many lubricants such as Silicone Spray, WD-40, and a couple different kinds of slide out lubes. Wealso carry many cleaners like Brake Cleaner, A/C Cleaner, Electric Contact Cleaner, Carb and Choke Cleaner, and Battery Cleaner.

Roof Supplies

If you need to recoat your roof or seal your seams we have the products for you. To recoat your roof we have Liquid Roof , and to reseal your seams we sell Dicor Lap Sealant which is a white self leveling sealant. Both o f these products will work on all roofs such as rubber, fiberglass, and metal. (Note do not use silicone on any roof.)

Plumbing Supplies

If you need plumbing supplies we have that too. For fresh water we stock a vast supply of elbows, unions, and Tee’s, There are three different types of plumbing fittings Flair-it, Quest, and Sea Tech. We stock water regulators, city water fills, tank fills, and tank drains. If you need a water faucet we stock those too. We stock two water faucet brands Phoenix, and Utopia. In addition we carry a good selection of water filters. For black or grey water we stock 3”, 2”, and 1 1/2” dump valves, valve caps, adapters, and many more items. We also stock many different toilets.

Sewer & Fresh Water Hoses

If you need good sewer or fresh water hoses we are the place to go. We stock a wide variety of

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sewer hoses from sizes 10′ to 20′. We also stock three different thicknesses standard (12 Mil Vinyl) heavy duty (15 Mil Vinyl) and triple wrap ( 21 Mil Vinyl). One of our favorites sewer hoses that we stock is the Dominator watch the movie to see how this hose works. If you need a fresh water hose we carry two in stock and their sizes are 1/2”x50′ and 1/2”x25′.

Towing Supplies

If you need towing supplies we are the place to go. We stock all of the plugs and connectors whether you need a 7-way or 4-way. We carry hitch balls, weight distribution hitches, sway control bars, mirror extensions, and many more towing items.

Vent Supplies

If your roof vent cover blows off or you need to replace your vent we have those in stock. We also stock all of the parts for your vent whether it is a operator or seal we have it all. When you bring in your broken vent cover to get it replaced make sure to bring in the hinge on your old vent cover because that is the way we match up the vent covers. If you need plumbing vents or range vents we stock those too.